N + A Home Renovation-Dining Room


TOTAL COST: $2,084.71


TUFTED CHAIRS (SET OF 2) $244.57  |  AREA RUG $309  |  CHAIRS (SET OF 4) $268.98


N + A Home Renovation-Dining Room

Our dining room inspiration is coming together at the N + A household! Our dining room inspiration is coming together at the N + A household! Our dining room inspiration is coming together at the N + A household! Our dining room inspiration is coming together at the N + A household!

Exciting things are starting to come together in the Nolan + Ashley household! First and foremost, I will officially be moving into Nolan’s condo on New Years Day. Hip Hip Horray! This is something we are both insanely excited about. Secondly, we will be redecorating ASAP. The condo is BEAUTIFUL to start with but needs a little bit of love.

We decided to work on the living room and dinning room first. As any sane person would do, I hopped on Pintrest and started pinning away. My heart became set on this gorgeous dining room from The Design Co. This space is almost exactly like our dinning room including the French doors to the right. I found some awesome vases and silk peonies on Amazon which will be perfect centerpieces.

Entertaining and throwing dinner parties might be my true calling in life. Nothing brings family and loved ones together like a delicious meal. Every Sunday, Nolan, my grandma, grandpa, mom, and step-dad have a family dinner together and I would love to keep that going when I move into Nolan’s. So with a budget set and a cohesive design in place, we hope to have everything put together by January. Stay tuned for more N + A home renovations!



  1. I love that rug! Actually, I love the whole room. It’s so gorgeous. I need a rug like that for my family room/home office. It looks perfect!

  2. I love everything about this – the rug, the farmhouse table and the tufted chairs because they look so pristine, yet comfy. Thanks for the great decorating ideas!

  3. Yay for moving into Nolan’s condo on New Years Day that sounds super exciting ! I love the look of the decor, especially the tufted chairs which are absolutely gorgeous x

  4. Gorgeous!!! A nice dining room really helps make a house a home. And I think food taste better.

  5. I love this whole design. It’s so airy and open. The vases and the flowers, the area rug and the just the whole room. Pinterest is life, obviously. Where else would we get all our great ideas?

  6. Your Reno looks amazing. I love that chandelier. I think I’m going to keep an eye out for one for my dining room!

  7. I like how you mixed the chairs at the table. I also like that chandelier. It all looks so friendly and comfortable.

  8. Congratulations on the move. I am currently obsessed with design right now. We are remodeling our kitchen and all I can think about is once that is done I want to redo my living and bedroom. You have your eyes on some great pieces.

  9. What a beautiful setting! I love the rug and the rose vases on the table. Everything just fits so well together.

  10. Oh I just love the tufted chairs. But the Chandalier ties it together so nicely.

  11. Oh my goodness, I love every single element of this design, especially that rug! We just bought and moved into a new house and you’ve inspired me to have a little fun with my dining room.

  12. what a modern look and i love the chandelier! fits perfect!

  13. Wow, that’s a beautiful set up! I especially love the hanging lamp box overhead. 🙂

  14. I LOVE that run and love it even more with the combination of that table. Totally my style. I could see this in my new house.

  15. I love love the area rug. Although as a mom of 4 I would be scared to have a white rug under the table.

  16. This is such a beautiful design! I want to redo our dining room in a similar style, but I’m holding off until my littles are a little less destructive.

  17. Wow that styling and decor is really beautiful! I love the white and brown color combinations! 🙂

  18. I love that you mixed the chairs, and that there’s some variety. It shows design and gives the room some extra style! I’m always a fan of these type of chandeliers and large farmhouse tables

    Sondra xx

  19. Wow, I really like what you’ve done here. The chandelier and the flowers really make the room pop! Looks so fancy!

  20. dining room is just perfect.. i love the whole design and learn few to try out out in mine.

  21. Wow- I feel like I need a renovation after seeing this place! Yes, Pinning is a great way to get your look down before you buy.

  22. That dining table and chairs is amazing, and I love the homely feel of the room x

  23. I am a fan of huge rugs and white flowers. This arrangement is just perfect! <3

  24. I am in love with this setup! Can you come do over my whole house!?!?!?! I feel like I can’t even wrap my head around how to coordinate like this!

  25. This decor is just beautiful! I love the look of gray and white. Best of luck with your move!

  26. I just love all the little details! and the flowers.. they bring so much light into the room!

  27. I totally have a thing for light, bright and tufted furniture! Totally adore these suggestions. I need to redecorate.

  28. This looks absolutely amazing! I love how everything comes together so nicely. I always have a problem seeing the whole picture when putting a room together. But this looks perfect!

  29. I love modern, clean lines in furniture and the dining set hit the mark. What a gorgeous set with equally beautiful chairs.

  30. I cannot wait to move into our new house and decorate the dining room! I love those tufted chairs!

  31. I love the N + A Home Renovation-Dining Room. Currently I have the flowers and a similar rug in my sitting room. This is wining combination of furniture, rug and blinds. Thanks for sahring

  32. Oh wow! Congratulations on the good news! Wonderful condo, obviously. Happy family times ahead, choo choo!

  33. not a big fan of rugs , but I love the cleanliness of the lines and the design of the furniture, almost minimalistic but then warm and rich

  34. I love this look. Its modern, refreshing, crisp, clean, and organized. This chair remind me of mid century modern, but at an affordable price and new. I love it.

  35. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. If I had to give a ballpark guess on those renovations I’d say it cost at least 10-20K. Excellent room theme choice and job well done!

  36. I love this look for a dining room! The touches such as the silk flowers from amazon make it cozy ad I totally understand for your pinning your heart away, we are starting to redo our house and my pinterest is full of ideas!

  37. what a beautiful room! the art work to the rug, everything is so carefully chosen!


  38. I can`t believe those peonies are not real. I am shocked as they look so good. The chairs, rug, farmhouse table are so much in my style. Congrats for moving into Nolan’s condo ♥.

  39. I am thinking about reno-ing a lot of things actually and so I love this. It’s so chic.

  40. Can you please come decorate my home? Seriously! I don’t have an eye for it like you do! Or money hahaha! Can you do it for free? lol

  41. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DESIGN! FROM THE RUG, TO THE TABLE, TO THE COLORS!!!! It’s so inviting and refreshing!!!!!!!! LOVE!

  42. Its a beautiful space. I don’t think I could have rocked that beautiful rug with my kids, but its an amazing grown up dining room.

  43. Loving this redo! You chose such pretty pieces!

  44. I love the table that you chose. It looks so beautiful in this space.

  45. I can’t believe you were able to redo the space on that budget. Great job on pulling everything together.

  46. The room is very elegant. I love the rug and the flowers on the table.

  47. I really love the set up and such a beautiful dining area, i wish my dining area was looks great like yours

  48. Wow, this renovation project turned out gorgeous!! I love absolutely every piece you used – it all works together so well!

  49. Loving all of this, great inspo for me as I am redecorating.

  50. I love that chandelier! scratch that, I love the whole room ♥ The pieces you choose go really well together. Thank you for the inspiration

  51. Can you please come do my dining room?! This is gorgeous!

  52. If I could do ours over again I would choose the low backed chairs like you did. That looks so much better than chair packs hiding the table!

  53. I’m loving the centerpieces and how everything turned out. Such a lovely setup.